Saturday, March 24, 2012

Review- Proud Photography

Last fall, I finished the photography course I was taking, and I finally am getting around to telling ya'll about it.
I found the course while searching for courses that are nice and affordable (I was not going to pay $1,000). The day I found it just happened to be two days before my 18th birthday, and it was on sale for, if I remember right, $92.
My parents bought the course for me as a birthday present and they, along with some of my siblings, also gave me half the money toward a camera!
At first, I did the lessons as often as I could, but as it got toward the end and the assignments were a little harder (a city at night, around here?!), I did them as I was able to take the pictures. (I got the city at night picture when I went to Indianapolis with my grandparents. It can be seen here.)
The course has 13 lessons. They include-  Introduction, Right Exposure: Shutter Speed, Right Exposure: Aperture, Composition, People Portraits, People and Environments, Light, Shooting Black and White, Travel Photography and more! Each lesson ends with one or more multiple-choice questions about the lesson.
One concern I always have when looking into photography books, blogs, courses, etc. is the pictures they use for examples. Proud Photography's course was very nice in this regard. I think there were only one or two pictures I did not appreciate.
If you are looking for a course that explains the basics of photography, plus more, I would highly recommend Proud Photography's Online Course.

Here is a picture of my certificate

Now I really want to do their wedding photography course.

This post was not done for any kind of reimbursement and this blog is in no way connected with Proud Photography.

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