Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I have so many memories of this swing, some good, some not so good.
Bad memories first... the nut unscrewing and those on the swing falling on the HARD tree roots... fighting with my siblings over who was going to swing (it was a favorite:-)
Good memories... swing with two (or three, or four) people on it... swinging sideways (we called it the airplane)... having jumping contests to see who could go the farthest (I think Daniel has a bad memory from that :-)... pushing my younger siblings... hours of fun!!!!

I made this black and white on Picnik, put the writing on, and then used the Focal Soften. 


Ashlyn Y said...

I really like Picnik=D Nice picture!

Ring Family said...

Oh, Hannah. I love (most) of the memories that are associated with that swing. I miss you older ones being little and watching you having fun together on that swing or in that tree. And the times that I pushed you children and you would say, "More Mommy,higher!" These are very good memories. Thanks for sharing them with us!
Love you! Mom